Core Values

Although our team consists of individuals, we adhere to a common set of core values:

The Seven "Pillars" that make up the foundation of The HealthCare Initiative:

  1. Achievement — We demonstrate steady progression towards a worthwhile goal by unleashing maximum individual and team potential
  2. Dedication — We possess selfless devotion and commitment to do whatever it takes to succeed
  3. Hardworking — We apply a focused effort geared toward an end result
  4. Quality — We consistently achieve client satisfaction by listening to and understanding the wants and needs of our customers
  5. Teamwork — We work together with support, encouragement and respect toward a collective goal.
  6. Development — We welcome the opportunity for our own individual growth, as well as the growth of those around us.
  7. Fun — We enjoy the environment where we work and the people we interact with, as much as the awards and accolades we celebrate.
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