VP of Revenue Cycle

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Krista Whiting

Managing Partner


University Medical Center

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The Vice President of Revenue Cycle leads revenue cycle operations, ensuring optimal revenue integrity, overall strategy, and overseeing the integration and efficiency of revenue cycle operations for UMC Health System’s acute care and outpatient facilities, as well as medical practices. Key areas of responsibility include scheduling, registration, insurance verification, financial counseling, charge master, charge capture, patient financial services, provision of charity, and overall collection of patient service revenues across the revenue cycle. The Vice President will also influence decisions related to investments and changes in net revenue enhancement tactics, software applications, outsourcing vendors, recovery projects, and other interventions to collect the net revenue associated with patient services delivered. This role aims to maximize reimbursement and streamline financial operations, contributing to the organization's overall financial health and operational efficiency.

  • Develops, leads and improves revenue cycle workforce, processes, and technologies to ensure they are developing, building and complying with a clearly defined, effective revenue management approach consistent with the overall mission and strategic plan of UMC Health System.
  • Directs the enhancement and integration of revenue systems, including billing software, clearinghouses, and AI technologies, to optimize revenue cycle efficiency. Primary focus will be the launch of EPIC software systems in the 4th
  • Manages the revenue integrity function, ensuring accurate charge capture, coding practices, and resolution of payment variances to secure maximum reimbursement.
  • Analyzes historical data, market trends, and payer reimbursement patterns to project future revenue, enabling strategic planning and decision-making to enhance fiscal stability and growth. Leads and or coordinates efforts to reduce denials, eliminate waste, and improve service experience.
  • Monitors and measures the quantitative performance of each function within the Revenue Cycle, addressing unfavorable trends and areas of risks. Develops a relevant performance reporting suite of metrics, and related structure of performance review meetings to establish an accountable environment.
  • Oversees the development and enforcement of policies and procedures that comply with healthcare regulations, ensuring a robust compliance and risk management framework.
  • Enhances the patient and physician service delivery aspects of the revenue cycle, including monitoring patient satisfaction survey data and other data points to refine the procedures which impact the delivery of service and customer satisfaction. Works with leaders on issues and improvement opportunities for brand, growth and margin improvement.
  • Promotes a culture of continuous improvement and innovation within the revenue cycle operations to adapt to changing healthcare landscapes.
  • Ability to manage budget and work within the constraints of that budget.
  • Ensures the revenue cycle operations support an outstanding patient experience, throughout the entire patient financial care continuum.
  • Guides and mentors revenue cycle team members, fostering a collaborative environment that attracts and retains top talent.
  • Oversees Revenue Cycle Governance ensuring inclusion and collaboration among all stakeholders in the revenue cycle process.

Job Qualifications


  • Bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, or other related field required.
  • Master’s Degree preferred.

Key Success Factors / Experience:

  • Minimum seven years' experience in Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management
  • Proficiency in computer software (i.e. Microsoft Office)
  • 2+ years working with Epic Systems
  • Excellent presentation skills and ability to create executive-level presentations and deliverables
  • Detail oriented, self-motivated, a problem solver and a team player
  • Ability to excel in a team environment and build strong interpersonal relationships with all levels of employees
  • Strong communication skills & professional demeanor