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Choosing the Right Healthcare Recruiter


There comes a time in almost everyone’s life when one decides to change positions. This could come out of necessity or pure dissatisfaction with one’s current role. Finding the right healthcare recruiter can be instrumental in helping you find a new opportunity.

Most people reach out to their network in healthcare for referrals and then call multiple recruiters hoping that something will fall into place. Sometimes you can get lucky and things work out. Most recruiters will ask you to send a resume and state that they will call you when something comes up. Or worse yet, they don’t call you back at all and you are left to wonder “Did my phone battery die? I still haven’t gotten a call back”. Neither situation is ideal.

Finding a healthcare recruiter should be a two-way street. Your goals should be to find a recruiter who wants to dig deeper into what you are looking for in your next move. Someone who will understand your motivation. Things like “I want my career growth”, “I got my Masters”, “I want to live in a new location”, “I want to be appreciated”, etc. All of this requires a little preparation on your part.

First, make sure your resume is up to date.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Does my resume have the keywords in it that a recruiter would identify?
  2. Does my resume show key selected accomplishments?
  3. What impression does my resume leave with other people?
  4. Does my resume reflect the experience needed for the type of position I want?

Second, make sure you think about your experience and that you can concisely discuss and explain your responsibilities and accomplishments.

Third, know what you want in your next position. Be able to discuss the types of positions and facilities you would like to target for possible new employment. In other words, help the recruiter understand the following:

  1. Title and responsibilities
  2. How you are qualified for a different or next-level position
  3. What you feel you can bring to the position
  4. How your current background has helped prepare you
  5. What you would like a potential employer to know about you

By concentrating on the above points with a healthcare recruiter, you are helping them compose a compelling story which in turn will help them engage with a potential new system or facility on your behalf and so begins the journey towards a new position.

By taking some time to prepare, you will increase the likelihood of attracting the right recruiter. Most healthcare recruiters will engage immediately in a conversation if you present yourself in a way that demonstrates your knowledge in the industry and your ability to do well in front of a client. Which will make the journey worthwhile.

So, if you find yourself either wanting or needing a new position, stop for a second and do a little prep work. It will yield great results!

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