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Sean Milius

President & CEO

Sean serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of The HealthCare Initiative. As the visionary leader of the organization, Sean is responsible for both the tactical execution as well as the long-term direction of the firm.


He worked his way up through the ranks, holding almost every title from Research Coordinator to Executive Recruiter, to Vice President and currently President and C.E.O. Under his leadership, the firm has increased its revenue almost 300% since 2001 when he first joined The HealthCare Initiative. Being in the world of executive search for over a decade, Sean brings a deep understanding of what it takes to be successful. By following and directing a philosophy of putting the needs of others first, The HealthCare Initiative generates great client and candidate loyalty and consistently outperforms their competition. Sean believes it is extremely important to fully understand the goals and challenges of each individual and/or organization he works with, before offering any solutions. By finding out what is important to their clients and candidates, the consultants at The HealthCare Initiative are much more likely to be able to offer relevant advice that leads to a positive outcome.


Sean graduated from The University of Northern Colorado with two separate degrees in Mathematics but quickly found out that crunching numbers all day doesn’t hold a candle to being able to positively affect the lives of those he works with, both internally and externally. The opportunity to come and actively participate in “worthwhile work” is what truly motivates Sean on a daily basis.

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