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Forward-Thinking Leadership in Healthcare is Key

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Forward-Thinking Leadership in Healthcare is Key

The healthcare industry is evolving to provide higher, more satisfying levels of patient care making forward-thinking leadership in healthcare key. Changes in the patient-care model make it imperative for individuals with strong leadership skills to lead your organization. Leaders who are willing to embrace changes make it possible for your healthcare facility to achieve high levels of patient satisfaction while implementing new types of patient care.

The Rise of At-Home and Digital Care

While hospitals frequently provide life-saving care, once the patient is stable, they don’t create an optimal environment for patient recovery.

Patients often complain that it’s difficult to get the quality sleep that’s needed to support the healing process when they’re in the hospital. Frequent vital sign checks and unfamiliar hospital sounds make it hard for patients to fall and stay asleep. They also run the risk of contracting a hospital-related infection.

At-home care enables the patient to recover in an environment that they’re familiar with. Patients find the environment and sound in their homes comforting. They’re also more likely to have family and friends around who can support their recovery.

Though at-home care became more common during the most active periods of the COVID pandemic, it’s expected to remain a mainstay in the patient care experience. This means that forward-thinking leaders will need hospitals to embrace these changes and continue to supply high levels of patient care.

Digital Technology

This also applies to digital health technology. Digital health technology is increasingly used to support hospital-at-home initiatives to assist with patient monitoring and in-home treatments.

Healthcare leaders who embrace changes to the typical care models are more likely to offer the support and guidance necessary to implement in-home patient monitoring and treatment. They can also efficiently deal with any issues or problems that arise from new care models.

Some patients are initially uncomfortable with in-home care programs. This is either due to traditional views about what hospital care should include or concerns about receiving quality care at home.

The right leaders will work to address these patient concerns so that they have accurate information about the in-home care process. Leaders should support and encourage other hospital employees to embrace changes to the healthcare model.

How The Healthcare Initiative Can Help

The Healthcare Initiative understands the importance of finding individuals with strong leadership skills to head your organization. A recruiter with experience in healthcare recruiting will work to find, screen, and hire individuals with the leadership qualities required for success.

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Forward-Thinking Leadership in Healthcare is Key
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Forward-Thinking Leadership in Healthcare is Key

Let us know how we can help you!

The HealthCare Initiative has been leading the way in health care recruitment since 1974.